The end of summer is quickly approaching, perhaps a little too quickly. That means you have very little time to fit in all your summer plans before the kids have to go back to school.

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The little time left means it may be time to prioritize. If, between work, classes, sports and getting ready for school, you're going to be hard-pressed to fit in all the fun you want, here are just three things you can do immediately if you want to do your best to get the most out of these last weeks of summer.

1. Go on some rides

Now, if we lived in Florida, we would have the opportunity to go on rides whenever we wanted. But let's face facts: we live in Wisconsin, and that means summer is pretty much our only chance to enjoy some fun rides.

Whether you have a child whose idea of a wild ride is the carousel, or a daredevil who can match you thrill ride-for thrill ride, there are plenty of options these last few weeks of summer.


Don't miss these nostalgic favorites at the Wisconsin State Fair Aug. 3-13. Matt Colby/Now Media Group

2. Swim!

There's really not that much time left to get your swimming time in. Before we know it, the hot, humid days of summer will give way to chilly autumn weather.

Most pools and water parks in the area are open through Labor Day, and the cool thing is that if you have plans to do a whole bunch of swimming in the next two or three weeks, season passes are now being sold for a fraction of their original price.

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3. Enjoy your backyard

It's simple, but it's the height of summer enjoyment, and it's something that the kids will miss when the snow is several feet deep. Over the next few weeks, give your kids plenty of time to just get outside in the neighborhood. Here are some of our favorite backyard activities:

  • Playing tag
  • Playing with sidewalk chalk or bubbles
  • Making our own obstacle courses
  • Setting up a tent and having a "campout"
  • Playing on the swingset
  • Having water fights

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